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Whether you like electric diffusers or candle burners, our diffuser oils are perfect for both.

Our long-lasting Aromatic collections adds a warm atmosphere to your home, bringing family together to relax and enjoy the special moments.

How To Use.

  1. Add no more than 3 drops of oil to your diffuser for the first time. After each use you can reduce the amount of drops as some residual oil will remain in the diffuser.   For candle burners, add 1 to 2 drops to hot water at the top of the burner for more efficient burning and for an immediate release of aroma. The number of drops after first use can be reduced also. 
  2. The oil can also be added to your body lotion. Simply add a few drops for long lasting added aroma.   
  3. For use as a perfume, applying one drop only directly onto your wrist, and gently distributing onto other areas as desired, is enough to leave you smelling amazing all day. 
  4. Put a few drops on cotton wool then place directly in your vacuum cleaner to distribute a luxurious scent throughout the home.


  • Luxurious Diffuser oils!
  • Concentrated pure oil
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 100% Alcohol free
  • Safe for use around pets
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