About Us

It is no secret that some of the best beauty tricks come from the indigenous people of North Africa, also known as the Berber tribes. In Morocco, Berber women have an age-old tradition of using natural beauty remedies. Our founder, Halima Boulgouiz – a proud, native Moroccan who migrated to London at the age of 18 years old – is passionate about sharing these methods with others, providing the best products in beauty and wellness.

The brand name ‘Boulgouiz’ is a tribute to Halima’s late father who played a great role in inspiring her to do what she loves as wells as help others in whatever way she can. Her motivation to do so is what created this brand. The ethos of the brand is not only to aid in supplying invaluable skincare to those who need it, but also to help care for our environment at the same time. Boulgouiz is taking steps to reduce the consumption of resources and promote sustainability through the use of eco-friendly packaging alongside products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Our Inspiration

As previously mentioned, the foundation of Boulgouiz’s inspiration lies in wanting to share the tricks,deeply rooted in religious purification and cleanliness that Moroccan women have kept in their beauty arsenals for years. The biggest secret of them all? The Hammam.

The Hammam is an open bathhouse where natives go at least once a week to undergo a ritual-based cleansing treatment. The treatment involves aromatherapy, detoxification, and massage using vital Moroccan ingredients such as ghassoul, Argan oil, Rose Water, Savon el Beldi and other essential oils.The Hammam is said to increase circulation, release toxins, and purify the skin.

Our values

Reputation is another one of our vital company assets. All of our products are made of organic ingredients that you would feel proud to have on your bathroom shelves, without needing to spend more money on chemical brands.

We aim to help both men and women feel refreshed, beautiful, confident and enjoy the ancient Moroccan beauty secrets that have been passed down for years.